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Hawaiian Tikis are spiritual figures that have been used throughout the Pacific as symbolic talismans that convey protection, good fortune, wisdom, fertility, abundance, strength, power, love, and strong family values. In addition, each headdress and expression can vary in meaning according to its shape and size.

Fala Ponitini is a second-generation woodwork artisan who, like his father, has found a passion in creating custom, unique objects of beauty. Trained in the home tikitraditional Polynesian technique of carving, Fala exemplifies the ethos of "less is more" through the simple use of a mallet and chisel.  Each work of art he creates is hand-made of native Hawaiian wood and proudly signed upon completion.

For the best in custom creations that truly engage the heart and soul of the artist and his medium, choose Fala Authentic Pacific Creations.

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